The Kurds deserve a state of their own (& US should create no-fly zone to protect Syrian Kurds)

October 16, 2019


Below are five short clips of interviews with me from this week on the Kurdish situation. (Each clip is only one or two minutes long) -- Tom Gross


The West should support an independent Kurdish state


“The least casualty-ridden, most effective US troop presence anywhere in the world.”


Did Erdogan deliberately let ISIS loose? Will Hezbollah be given free passage?


US should create no-fly zone to protect Syrian Kurds as they did for Iraqi Kurds


Why Jews are particularly sympathetic to Kurds (Remembering Halabja)


* See also from 2017: Kurdish independence, Halabja and an interview at the BBC *


Kurdish female fighters who helped defeat Isis (pictured above, last spring), are now battling street by street to save the autonomous Kurdish region of Rojava from the invading Turkish army, NATO’s second largest military.


Above (next to the yellow arrow), an Iraqi Kurdish soldier enlisted in the British army in World War Two, one of dozens of Kurds who fought with allied forces to defeat Nazi Germany, contrary to the incorrect statement made by US President Donald Trump.


Above, Tom Gross (left) with a member of the (pro-Western) PUK near Silemani (in Kurdish; in Arabic: Sulaymaniyah), Iraqi Kurdistan, August 2019.


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