Can I have your autograph? (“And my father before him…”)

October 29, 2019


Above: Two light Brexit-related items that I previously sent to some people. (The clocks went back one hour on Sunday morning in many countries, including the UK.)


Among other Brexit-related dispatches:

* How the frenzy of Brexit might affect Israel, Iran and the Arab world

* Divorcing from 27 other countries isn’t easy

* Harvard Professor: Britain’s “lunatic referendum formula isn’t democracy”


Among many interviews I have given opposing Brexit, here is one from earlier this year warning that Brexit turmoil may yet usher in a dangerous Jeremy Corbyn-led government. Time to revoke article 50, and reform the EU from within:

And one from a week before the 2016 referendum:


MASH-UP: Trump’s al-Baghdadi Speech & Obama’s Bin Laden Speech



[Note by Tom Gross]

Since these dispatches can often be very serious (and even occasionally depressing), below is an item (completely unrelated to world affairs) that might amuse you.

In the age before Twitter and other social media, the art of writing eloquent letters was much more prevalent. Below: John Steinbeck writes to Marilyn Monroe to ask for her autograph.

I have previously also posted this letter here, where it might be easier for you to read:



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