More than 1000 people join Saadya’s funeral (& corona street art & the future of dining?)

May 08, 2020


When Saadya Ehrenpreis was an infant, a doctor told his mother that he would “never walk, talk or amount to anything.” He wound up doing all three, reports Sam Sokol of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Ehrenpreis was born with Down syndrome, but he was intensely determined. With the help of his family, he not only learned to walk and talk, but he graduated high school, spent several years studying in yeshiva in Israel, and attended Yeshiva University. Along the way, he charmed everyone around him with his relentlessly upbeat nature.

After he died of COVID-19 on April 28, at the age of 35, his funeral on Zoom was joined by nearly 1,000 people.


[Notes by Tom Gross]

I have written several times before about special needs persons, including the article I wrote last year for the British magazine The Spectator about the disgraceful treatment of a Down Syndrome girl and her family by the New Zealand government of Jacinda Ardern.

I attach a number of links to articles concerning coronavirus below.

Of course, today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, one of the most important days in European and world history. Unfortunately, those veterans still alive could not participate in planned celebrations in London, New York, Paris and elsewhere because of the coronavirus restrictions.



Despite, perhaps because of the pandemic, artists are still producing humorous images such as the two below. The second shows the Israeli currency drawn by a Tel Aviv street artist who calls himself Dede Bandaid.

(See also the dispatch of March 16, 2020: Humor in the time of a pandemic.)




You may also find these videos amusing:

This (in my opinion) very funny video, provides some wry British humor. The first half of the video gives a new perspective to London driving, and the second half takes us on an amusing tour of street parties among ultraorthodox Jews in Stamford Hill in North London, during the Purim holiday in the first half of March.

This video is titled:

Helping mom start a ZOOM meeting


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(The link below contains an interesting video.)

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