Photos from an historic day (UAE-Israel-US)

August 31, 2020



The front page of one of UAE's main newspapers tomorrow



[Note by Tom Gross]

I attach (above) a few photos from the Israeli-UAE-US meetings today in Abu Dhabi, since most media so dislike (perhaps with good reason) Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu that they are unlikely to cover this historic moment properly. Nor are they likely to give credit to four years of very patient diplomacy by the Trump administration, and in particular by Jared Kushner, which has made this peace breakthrough possible. Nor are most international media likely to show the Israeli flags being prominently displayed today in the emirates, or the speech given in Arabic today in Abu Dhabi by Netanyahu’s National Security Advisor.

Today’s accords are the most significant step towards peace in the Middle East in 25 years. The significance is not only about the UAE. This is the breakthrough that Israel has been waiting for with the entire Arab world, especially with the Saudis allowing El Al to fly through their air space today. Several other Arab countries are likely to sign peace treaties with Israel in the near future.

For those who missed these comments yesterday, they are worth listening to, including those by US National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien and Jared Kushner. (Most international media declined to show them.)



I have for years been saying that the Kushner approach to the Middle East was much more clearheaded and more likely to achieve peace breakthroughs that the policy approach of previous US administrations, both Democrat and Republican.

See for example, this TV interview I gave two months into Trump’s presidency in early April 2017.

I am also of the view that peace between Israel and the Palestinians has a much better prospect of coming about as a result of the Arab world first making peace with Israel, for reasons I have explained in previous dispatches and also alluded to in various podcasts over the years, for example, here.


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