UAE, Bahrain and Israel TV hold joint evening news broadcast, while Netanyahu nominated for Nobel

September 16, 2020

Tom Gross writes: In a world first, and in one of many signs of the increasingly warm relations Israel is now enjoying with various Arab countries, major TV networks in the UAE, Bahrain and Israel last night decided to host a joint live main evening news broadcast covering the historic signing ceremony.


Above and below: Many newspapers in the Arab world have welcomed Benjamin Netanyahu’s and Donald Trump’s peace moves.


Above: Leaders from Israel, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and the US wave to a crowd of 1000 dignitaries (including, for example, former British prime minister Tony Blair) gathered on the South Lawn of the White House yesterday to witness the historic signing ceremony of the Abraham Accords in Arabic, Hebrew and English.



[Note by Tom Gross]

Because many newspapers in the US and Europe have today ignored or downplayed yesterday’s historic treaty signing at the White House between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain, I attach a few photos above to draw attention to it for those who may have missed it.

Those same media also downplayed the recent historic peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo brokered by the Trump administration.

One doesn’t have to like the personality, or agree with other policies of Donald Trump, to applaud the historic deals his administration has carefully helped craft during the past four years. Had any such deals been brokered under the presidency of Barack Obama, we can safely assume that those same critical media would be trumpeting them rather than pouring scorn on them.

Today an Italian politician nominated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for this year’s Nobel peace prize. Last week, a Norwegian politician nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel prize.

Some media traditionally hostile to Trump and Netanyahu have praised them for these peace moves but other commentators can’t bring themselves to properly report these historic peace moves.



Above, a skeptical 2017 New York Times tweet about Jared Kushner, who was one of the main architects of the Abraham Accords. At least five more Arab countries are now reportedly in advanced stages of negotiating peace deals with Israel, brokered with Kushner’s assistance.

Here, by contrast to the New York Times, is a short clip from one of my interviews with a European TV network in early April 2017, a few weeks into the Trump presidency. In this interview, as elsewhere, I argued that by breaking with the old formulas of politicians like John Kerry which were so obviously flawed, the Trump team may succeed in the Mideast where previous administrations had failed.

Most media, academic and diplomatic ‘experts’ were pouring scorn on the Trump administration’s approach, and that of Netanyahu. To quote the star Pulitzer prize winning New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, he had claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu led “the most diplomatically inept … government in Israel’s history.”



The Wall Street Journal notes today:

“How would official Washington respond if a Democratic President brokered a peace deal between Israel and two Arab states? The papers would be stacked with play-by-plays of how the historic breakthrough was achieved and adulatory profiles of the people in the room. The hosannas to the President’s strategic vision would flow from think tanks and academia, if not also from Oslo’s City Hall.”


Tom Gross adds:

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