After today’s beheading in France, Malaysia PM says Muslims have right to ‘kill millions of French people’

October 29, 2020



[Note by Tom Gross]

Just hours after an attacker yelling “Allahu akbar!” beheaded one woman and killed two others in a church in France this morning, the long-standing prime minister of Malaysia said Muslims have “a right to be angry and kill millions of French people”.

As I write, twitter is continuing to refuse to remove his tweet to his 1.3 million followers. (Update: He has now edited his tweet to tone it down.)

Only yesterday the CEO of twitter was again justifying to a US Senate committee his continuing to block the twitter account of America’s fourth most read newspaper the New York Post and other journalists (including those from Politico) who have dared to raise the serious corruption allegations made against Joe Biden and his family involving China and Ukraine. Yet twitter continues to allow genocidal statements to be made on its platform both by Malaysian prime minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, and others by Iran’s leader the Ayatollah Khamanei effectively calling for the murder of Jews and other posts denying the Holocaust.

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who was until March 2020 the Malaysian prime minister, has in the past also made the most horrible antisemitic statements.

Despite his long history of antisemitism Dr. Mohamad was invited as an honored guest last year both by Oxford University in England and by Columbia University in New York.

The latest Islamist attack in France today – the third in as many weeks - happened just half a mile from the Islamist terror attack that killed 86 people in Nice 5 years ago.

Meanwhile the British Labour party today took the dramatic step of suspending its former leader Jeremy Corbyn from the party over his continued attitude to the issue of antisemitism within the party.


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