Alan Dershowitz on his life, career & the state of America (in conversation with Tom Gross)

November 20, 2020

Here is another discussion in my series “Conversations with friends”.

Alan Dershowitz on his life, career and the state of America

Alan Dershowitz is generally regarded as America’s most prominent constitutional lawyer, as well as a leading civil liberties advocate. Among those he has represented or acted as a consultant for were both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump when they were impeached. He is currently assisting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who the US is trying to extradite from London on criminal charges.

In this discussion with Tom Gross, Prof. Dershowitz talks about his life and career, about some of the fascinating people he has met or represented, about ‘cancel culture’ and the current state of liberalism, and about the mistreatment of Israel. He explains why, though he is still a passionate Democrat, he believes Trump deserves a Nobel peace prize for his Mideast peace efforts. And how a Biden presidency may deal with the Mideast. And why he is suing CNN.

(Tom Gross adds: I have known Alan for 25 years. Among our interesting evenings together was one in November 2016 when he invited me to his small election night gathering at his Manhattan apartment the night that Donald Trump was elected president. While nearly all Alan’s friends gathered there, mostly Democrats, were left in a state of shock and disbelief as the results came in, Alan and I had an interesting brain storming session on what a Trump victory might mean both for the US and internationally on issues such as the Mideast.)

(Discussion by zoom on Nov. 19, 2020.)


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