Jews and Arabs sheltering together from the terrorists

May 12, 2021


Above:What most international media won't show you: Israeli Arabs sheltering through the night with Israeli Jews in Israeli bomb shelters from the murderous Hamas organization which holds Gaza hostage -- Tom Gross




The sole purpose of the rockets raining down on Israel this past evening (pictured above is one particularly intense barrage) is to kill and maim civilians. At least 480 rockets have been fired into Israel in the last two days. (Update: Now more than 1,000.)

Among the Israeli dead from Hamas rocket attacks on the Israeli city of Lod in the night was reportedly a 7-year-old girl. A five-year-old girl who was hit by a Hamas rocket fired at a bus stop in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon is in critical condition.

While there has been highly regrettable loss of innocent life in Gaza too, most of the Palestinian casualties have been Palestinian militants as Israel continues to attempt to strike Hamas militants as they are launching rockets at Israel, in a series of carefully coordinated airstrikes. A number of senior Hamas and Iranian-orchestrated Islamic Jihad commanders are also among the dead in Gaza.



Above: Among the dead from the recent Hamas rocket attacks in Israel:

* Left: 16-year-old Arab-Israeli Nadine Awad, killed with her father, Khalil.

* Right: Leah Yom-Tov, a 63-year-old Jewish-Israeli mother of two and grandmother of five.



* USA Today corrects itself, admits explosion that tragically caused death of three Gaza children, may well have been caused by a misfired Hamas rocket; NY Times refuses to admit error.

* The volleys of over 600 missiles fired into Israeli territory by Palestinian terrorist groups since fighting began Monday has included at least 150 errant rockets ? falling short within the Gaza Strip and causing casualties that Hamas officials wrongly blamed on Israel, according to the Israel Defense Forces.




Above: Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in central London yesterday were addressed by the recent leader of the British Labour Party (and friend of Holocaust deniers) Jeremy Corbyn, shortly before the protestors violently attacked the police. The police were protecting a small group of British Jews across the street.



Above: Germany's largest newspaper stands with Israel today. This is rare among international (and German) papers.



Tom Gross adds: I'm still not fully well and am limited in the amount of time and energy I have for dispatches.

I attach an article below, just published by the leading Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid. (Bassem Eid, founder of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group in 1996, spent years campaigning against human rights violations committed by Israel. But after many years research he concluded that the main perpetrators of human rights violations against the Palestinians were the western-backed Palestinian Authority run by the 85-year-old President-for-life Mahmoud Abbas and the Iranian regime-backed Islamic group Hamas.)



This has nothing to do with Sheikh Jarrah
It's about Hamas seeing a chance to seize the narrative and increase its own influence and control over Palestinians in Jerusalem, after Abbas canceled the long-awaited Palestinian elections last week
By Bassem Eid
May 12, 2021 (6 am)
The Times of Israel

As I write this, rockets are raining down on Israel from Gaza, and protests are being instigated in cities throughout the country. People have already died as a result of this senseless violence and more will surely follow in the next few days. As a Palestinian living in Jerusalem, I am frustrated and angry - and I can only blame Hamas. The fanatics who rule over Gaza with an iron first cannot resist the opportunity to stir up anti-Jewish violence for their own political gain. If innocent Jews and Muslims die in the process, all the better for them.

The pretext for the latest missile barrage and social media incitement is Sheikh Jarrah, where a long-running legal dispute was scheduled for a court hearing. This had been a private matter between Jews who have an old property deed from the 1800s and the residents of four homes who have lived there for decades and do not want to pay rent. It is the kind of situation that should be handled by a local municipal court. This could happen in any other country and there would be no public interest. But this is Jerusalem, so you have to view everything in the context of the political situation. You also have to ask yourself: who stands to gain from political violence right now?

After Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas canceled highly anticipated elections, Hamas simply saw an opportunity it could not pass up, exploiting the Sheikh Jarrah situation and an already tense environment during the holy day of Leylat Al Qadr and Jerusalem Day. Hamas is currently running a social media campaign calling for Palestinians to incite violence during demonstrations in Jerusalem and elsewhere. They are encouraging Palestinian youth to throw their lives away by hurling rocks and makeshift bombs at police.

Hamas-led riots outside of the Al Aqsa Mosque prove that Israeli police are not at fault for the dangers preventing Muslims from praying. Hamas has incited mobs and provoked violence with the intention of framing Israel for ethnic cleansing. Just today, provocateurs filled several busses to travel to Jerusalem to participate in the 'historic' riots and answer the Hamas call to incite violence.

Most significantly, Hamas leaders ordered hundreds of rockets to be launched in the general direction of major Israeli cities. Many of them did this from the comfort of their luxury villas in Doha, Damascus, or elsewhere, knowing full well they themselves are safe from any blowback. It is important to remember that Hamas's penchant for murder is almost matched by their blundering incompetence, which is partly the reason 1 out of every 3 of their rockets crashes into Gaza where the only possible victims are Palestinian. They also apparently shelled Abu Ghosh, an ancient Arab village.

This dispute is not actually about four houses in East Jerusalem. This is about Hamas seeing a chance to seize the narrative and increase its own influence and control over Palestinians in Jerusalem. Don't buy their fake news and let them dilute their own blame. In the coming days, Jews and Muslims are both likely to die because Hamas saw political upside in violence. Don't forget it.


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