President of al-Quds University resigns

March 27, 2014

This is a follow-up to my dispatch two days ago:

Revealed: video and photos of another Hamas rally at Al-Quds University, held on Sunday


Tom Gross writes:

This morning it is being reported in the Arabic-language Palestinian media that Sari Nusseibeh resigned yesterday from his position as President of al-Quds University in east Jerusalem.

While reports claim he was planning to resign anyway, the resignation comes a day after the publication on this website of photos and video of another large-scale extremist rally by students on campus last Sunday, which then prompted coverage in newspapers and other media.

As I have repeatedly made clear in my writings, I feel Mr. Nusseibeh should stay and show that he is the moderate that he purports to be, by engendering a spirit of tolerance and moderation among students on campus, rather than allowing military-style parades that encourage violence, and that other students, who simply want to study, find intimidating. Were he to do this, President Nusseibeh could play a significant role in helping create a better future for Palestinians and Israelis alike.


You can see video and photos from Sunday's rally here, as well as links to previous student rallies with Fascist-style salutes.

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UPDATE: And here is a more positive development, a story that will appear in tomorrow's Haaretz, that involves a handful of students from Al-Quds, presumably those who did not participate in Sunday's Hamas rally:

Palestinian students visit Auschwitz in first organized visit


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Above (top), from last Sunday's student rally Al-Quds University, and (below) from last November's student rally


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