Incitement to kill

October 13, 2015

Above: One of the Israeli passengers murdered today on the Number 78 bus in southern Jerusalem is covered in an Israeli police blanket. The murderer was another student from the Bard and Brandeis partnered Al-Quds University, a university where authorities repeatedly allow rallies in which students are incited to slaughter Jews.



[Note by Tom Gross]

I don’t have time to write a longer dispatch today but for those who haven’t seen it, I recommend watching this video of a sermon from four days ago by a leading Imam in Gaza in which he brandishes a knife in the mosque and urges Arabs everywhere to stab Jews.

This is not the kind of reporting you will see on the BBC and other anti-Israel news media.

The sermon is not an isolated incident and similar incitement to kill Jews is appearing in the Western-funded Fatah media and Fatah controlled mosques.

A wave of knife attacks continued against Jewish civilians throughout Israel today with at least three Israelis killed and many others badly wounded, including children and elderly people. Attacks occurred in the north (by the IKEA store north of Haifa), in the center (Ra’anana, near Tel Aviv) and in the south.

Many of the Palestinian and Israeli-Arab attackers in recent days have been teenagers, some as young as 13.



Among other Palestinian attackers today, one worked for the phone company Bezeq, and one worked for the Jerusalem municipality.

When a wave of suicide bombs hit Israel 15 years ago, many on the orders of Mahmoud Abbas and his boss Yasser Arafat, the Europeans who funded them looked the other way, in effect saying suicide bombings only effect the Jews, they couldn’t possibly happen in Europe.

Since then, there have been suicide attacks in over 100 cities around the world, including London, New York and Madrid, and other Jihadi attacks in Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, Boston and elsewhere. Let’s hope that in years to come the kind of knife attacks we are witnessing today in Israeli cities won’t be carried out by Islamists in Europe.



At every stage, the BBC continues to get its reporting wrong. For example, the 13-year-old Israeli boy who was repeatedly stabbed as he rode his bicycle in a Jerusalem street yesterday was described by the BBC as a “16 year old” “settler”.

To get an idea of the attacks, I recommend watching this Israeli police video from Jerusalem this morning where the Palestinian driver rams his car into Jewish passengers waiting at a bus stop and then gets out and hacks his victims with a meat cleaver. He is shot by the Israeli police before he can kill anyone else -- yet he is being described in some western news media as though he were simply some kind of innocent Palestinian victim of Israeli police heavy-handedness.


Following up my previous dispatches on Al-Quds University:

No English language media has yet reported that one of the perpetrators of the shooting and stabbing attack today on the 78 bus in Jerusalem, Bilal Ghanem, was a student at Al-Quds University.

This announcement from the university’s Fatah student faction appears in Arabic on a university-affiliated website:

جامعة القدس تزف شهيدها الثالث احد منفذي عملية اطلاق النار اليوم في
الباص في مدينة القدس الشهيد بلال غانم ...

-- Tom Gross


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