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June 23, 2016

The British press today



This is another short dispatch, for those who asked, on Britain’s “In/Out” EU referendum which is being held today, a referendum that could have global economic and political consequences.

I have given several interviews this evening. Among them:

* On Israeli News channel i24. Tom Gross: “A great deal of people voting for “Remain” are also unhappy with the EU… The Bigwigs of Brussels should not be complacent should Remain win.

* On pan-Arab channel Sky News Arabia broadcasting from Abu Dhabi to 50 million homes in the Arab world. Tom Gross: “Could the protests against the EU, and for Trump, in some senses be seen as a more mild Western version of the Arab Spring as the masses express increasing disillusionment with the ruling establishment?”

* A previous interview: Tom Gross on “the potential dangers of Brexit”.


Among other dispatches on Brexit:

* Harvard Professor: Britain’s “lunatic referendum formula isn’t democracy”

* Welcome to Outstria, Beljump, Retireland, Quitaly, Portugo...


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