Video dispatch 24: How The Simpsons were behind the Arab Spring (& other videos)

May 10, 2014

The Simpsons episode from 2001 showing a jeep bearing a Syrian opposition flag, 10 years before the outbreak of the civil war. Suspicious, eh?!. (See the video below.)



1. Jordanian journalists smash up TV studio as debate gets out of hand
2. “Pioneers of Tomorrow”: Hamas children’s show encourages young kids to kill Jews
3. Young Israeli paramedic receives President’s Award for saving the lives of Syrians
4. Hamas marks Israel’s Independence Day
5. Egyptian TV: Fox’s cartoon The Simpsons shows Syrian civil war “was planned”

[Notes below by Tom Gross]


[Notes below by Tom Gross]

A Jordanian television discussion on Thursday about the war in Syria descended into violence and chaos, with the participants destroying the set.

Journalists Shaker al-Johari and Mohammad al-Jayousi were debating the Syrian conflict, when al-Johari accused Al-Jayousi of backing President Bashar Assad in exchange for money.

(Tom Gross adds: Incidentally, people sometimes ask why dictatorial and authoritarian leaders, Vladimir Putin for example, have hoarded tens of billions of dollars for themselves in private accounts. It is precisely for such circumstances. I am told by reliable intelligence sources that the Assad family had accumulated (i.e. stolen from their people) tens of billions of dollars over the last four decades of rule – and that they are now using a substantial part of this to pay Hizbullah and others to kill their opponents for them, to buy weapons, and to otherwise fund their genocidal-type war against Syria’s Sunni population.)

Below is a brief video showing the extraordinary Jordanian TV bust-up.


You can watch the BBC report on it here.



It is chilling to see just how young the Palestinian children are in the video below.

This is not, of course, the first time that young Palestinian children have been urged to kill Jews on the TV stations of both Fatah and Hamas – but this is the first new show calling for murder to be broadcast just days after Hamas signed a much-hyped reconciliation pact with Fatah, which was welcomed by some European politicians and diplomats.

Some commentators (labeled as delusional by others) in Western media (and even some at papers such as Ha’aretz in Israel) are trying to persuade readers that Hamas have somehow now come out in support of peace.

“Yes,” the young child smiles to her interviewer’s obvious delight, when prompted to say, “I will shoot all the Jews!”

The show is called “Pioneers of Tomorrow”. Hamas may soon become part of the Western-funded Palestinian Authority.

The recent episode has been removed by YouTube.

Here is an older episode:


And in this episode Mickey mouse is martyred by the Zionist Jews:



Adult host: And they shoot Jews, right?

Little girl in the studio: Right.

Host: You want to be like him? Allah willing, when you grow up.

Little girl: I will shoot the Jews.

Host: All of them?

Little girl: Yes.

Host: Good.

(Video translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.)



This week, Israel celebrated its Independence Day. To mark the occasion, the annual President’s Award for Excellence was given to Noga Erez, a young paramedic in the IDF who works in Israel’s field hospital on the Syrian border treating injured civilians and fighters from that country’s civil war.

As the award criteria states “Every year, out of thousands of candidates, the President of Israel honors the most outstanding Israelis. They are an inspiration to their peers, acting as leaders and demonstrating the highest degree of excellence.”

Not too many countries give their highest honors to those who save the lives of people from an enemy country, including people who in other circumstances might try and kill them.

This video tells her story. At just over 5 minutes, it is perhaps not the most dynamic video ever, but nonetheless of interest.


Tom Gross adds: For a related video, please see here.



Also to mark Israel’s Independence Day, Hamas (which its Western apologists claim is supposedly poor and without money to make slick videos) released this animated video for the Israeli public.

It features an “alternative” to Israel’s Hatikva national anthem, and calls on Jews to be killed or transferred to Germany and elsewhere. Hamas put Hebrew subtitles on it.

Playing on the meaning of “Hatikva” (“The Hope”) Hamas entitled it “The End of Hope” and also placed it on their website here.

The two-minute video says those “stupid and stubborn” Jews that don’t go to Germany and who insist on staying [in Israel] would end up “buried under the earth.”



The Egyptian media is renowned for its conspiracy theories (which millions in Egypt actually believe.) Among those outlined on this website before, for example, is this one: Egypt claims Mossad to blame for shark attacks (& details of new Mossad head).


In the latest such conspiracy, an Egyptian television station this week claimed that an episode of the cartoon show, The Simpsons, from as long ago as 2001 was part of a long-standing global conspiracy to overthrow Arab governments during the Arab Spring. The so-called Arab Spring broke out a decade later.

Al-Tahrir TV said that in the episode of the Simpsons that originally aired on February 25, 2001, Bart Simpson and his friend drop bombs on Arab men and on one of the Arab trucks one can see the flag currently used by the Syrian opposition.

This has sparked speculation on Facebook and elsewhere in the Egyptian media in recent days that, in the words of Al-Tahrir TV, “what is happening in Syria today was premeditated.”

“This raises many question marks about what happened in the Arab Spring revolutions and about when this global conspiracy began,” the TV anchor said.

What the Al-Tahrir TV host doesn’t seem to know is that the flag used by the Free Syrian Army today is not a new flag, but the flag that was used by Syria before 1963, when the Ba’ath party led by Hafez Assad, seized control. (You can see the previous flag, together with the Ba’ath party flag, here:'%C3%A9tat )

Update (2014): The video I originally posted has now been removed by YouTube, so here is another report on it:


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