“Freedom, Freedom!” How some foreign media are reporting the truth about Syria

December 08, 2011

This is the 11th in series of video dispatches. It contains important and exclusive reporting from Syria (and one video from Iran).


[Note by Tom Gross]

While ABC’s Barbara Walters was busy this week airing what has been described by Syrian pro-democracy activists as an “irresponsible and disgusting propaganda interview with President Bashar al-Assad” some brave reporters working for other media have been courageous enough to report accurately on the dramatic ongoing events in arguably the Middle East’s most oppressive country, Syria. (Over 50 civilians were murdered by Assad’s forces on the very day Walters conducted her interview.)

The first report below is from the Rupert Murdoch-owned British-based broadcaster Sky News, which has once again outshone the BBC in its foreign news coverage.

(Assad did make one truthful admission in his interview. When Barbara Walters asked him why he didn’t accept the rulings of the United Nations he declared the UN irrelevant. She said, “Sir, you have an Ambassador there” to which he responded “It’s a game we play. We don’t believe in it”.)



Sky News devotes almost ten minutes on its peak morning news (Dec. 6) to report on Syria, below.

Stuart Ramsay reports: “Waking to the sound of gunfire is never pleasant; when it is incoming and down your street it is particularly unnerving. In Homs, every day starts with sniper fire. Every day. People queuing, to buy bread or vegetables, scatter. Children start crying, cars screech into reverse while men and women gather what they have and head for the protection of alleys and doorways. Nine people died at a crossroads at the end of the street we were staying in last week. More will likely die today.”



A crew from Britain’s Channel 4, this time reporting mainly from Damascus, presents evidence of widespread torture and crimes against humanity.



This full-length documentary is from Sofia Amara of Arte TV in France. She manages to interview soldiers who have defected from Assad’s security forces and report on the Iranian involvement in Assad’s brutal suppression of the uprising.



Finally, on another topic, below is video shown today on Iranian television of the U.S. spy drone that the Iranian government claims it shot down.

American officials have acknowledged that an unmanned U.S. reconnaissance plane was lost on a mission a few days ago, but say that there is no evidence that it was downed by hostile acts. They say the drone probably went down because of a malfunction, and that the advanced stealth reconnaissance plane would likely have fallen from such a high altitude (it can fly as high as 50,000 feet) that it would not be in as good shape as the drone that the Iranians claim they have.

However, Western military analysts said the footage aired by Iranian TV today appears to them to be the American drone in question.

The headline on Iran’s Mehr news agency reads: “China, Russia want to inspect downed U.S. drone.”


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