Video Dispatch 7: A brave woman stands up to the Imam (& Supporting Bin Laden in London)

May 09, 2011

This is the seventh in a series of “Video dispatches”.

I particularly recommend watching the second video below from Pakistan. There is also an interesting video of Benjamin Netanyahu as a student defending Israel in 1978.

-- Tom Gross

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There is also another new dispatch here: Many Palestinians “Bin Laden could have been buried here” (& “Bin Laden’s one mistake”)


In this first video, members of the British-based radical group, Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), marched through central London two days ago to protest America’s killing of Osama bin Laden.

As they passed the U.S. embassy, a small group of English Defense League (EDL) far-right, nationalists were there to intercept the Muslim group. Police struggled to keep the two sides apart and several arrests were made.

(For more on the death of Bin Laden please see here and here.)



Pakistani actress Veena Malik defends herself in a resolute way that could endanger her life. Others who have spoken out in similar ways have been murdered in Pakistan in recent years.

And here is one of the clips that led clerics to pass edicts against her in the first place:



This clip shows Benjamin Netanyahu, now Israel’s Prime Minister, as a student at MIT in 1978.

Netanyahu, then 28, went by the name of Benjamin Nitay during his time at MIT. His brother, Yonatan was the Israeli commando who led the Entebbe raid in 1976 during which he was killed. Netanyahu chose to use the name Nitay at MIT for security reasons because of his brother’s renoun and the massive wave of Palestinian terror attacks aimed at Israelis all over the world at that time.

One of Netanyahu’s questioners in the clip is Fouad Ajami, the well known political analyst.



Computer expert Ralph Langner speaks on “Cracking Stuxnet, a 21st-century cyber weapon”.



I meant to post these humorous videos two weeks ago at the time of the Jewish Passover festival, but was too busy with other work, so post them now.

Retelling the Passover story employing the modern tools of social networking…

20 things to do with unused Matza after Passover…

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