Some Yiddish comedy (& Yo, Yo, Yo Bro… Gangsta Chanukah)

December 01, 2015

The French way of saying life goes on… Blue, white and red brassieres hang from a balcony in Marseille on Friday as France marked a day of commemoration two weeks after the Paris terror attacks.



[Note by Tom Gross]

Because these dispatches are often so serious and frequently depressing, I thought you might enjoy this innovative new Yiddish-language humor, from Canada.

Jewish comedians used to be so worried that they couldn’t succeed because of anti-Semitism that many felt the need to change their names (Woody Allen, Jon Stewart and the like). The same was true in Hollywood where many budding Jewish actors changed their names to less Jewish-sounding ones: Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Edward G. Robinson, Winona Ryder, Lauren Bacall -- who is Shimon Peres’s first cousin -- and so on. And various pop stars did so too: Bob Dylan, for example,.

Now some Jews feel confident enough in their Jewishness actually to produce comedy in Yiddish, which in many ways has until recently been a dying language:

Below is the recent “Jewish New Year episode” of the Montreal-produced comedy YidLife Crisis.

Warning: this episode contains some “adult situations and coarse language” (in Yiddish). It may not to be everyone’s taste. (It lasts 16 minutes.)



Separately, also not to everyone’s taste, here is a song for Chanukah, which starts later this week:


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